New information on Saturday's plane crash at San Francisco airport (video)

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On July 6, at 11:28 a.m. (local time), a Boeing 777 Asiana Airlines struck the dam at the end of runway 28L at San Francisco Airport and derailed outside it. The aircraft operated flight 214, on the route Seoul - San Francisco and was carrying 307 people (16 crew members and 291 passengers). As a result of the accident, 2 people died, 182 people were injured and 123 people escaped unharmed.

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The investigation is ongoing and is led by Deborah Hersman, NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) Chair. Below you have new information provided by investigators, as well as cabin staff.

Lee Yoon Hye, cabin chief on Boeing 777 Asiana Airlines, made the first statements to journalists.

(video source: CNN)

Lee Yoon Hye

She has been working as an airline attendant for 18 for years, but her skills were really tested on Saturday. Although she was injured, Lee Yoon Hye was involved in the evacuation of passengers and was the last person to leave the aircraft.

Following the pictures below, we realize that the situation could be even more tragic. There was not much left of the plane. It burned in very large proportions, plus you can see remains of the aircraft scattered on the runway and the area where it derailed.

(source video: NTSB)

Flight landing comparison 214 Asiana Airlines

The pilots were heard by the NTSB. As I wrote, pilot Lee Kang-Gook was flying with 9793 hours on Boeing 737, 747 and Airbus A320 aircraft, including 43 hours on Boeing 777. On the right seat was Lee Jeong-min, with 12842 flying hours, including 3220 hours on the Boeing 777.

During the landing, pilot Lee Kang-Gook was assisted by pilot Lee Jeong-min, the latter being on the first pilot-instructor flight. From the pilots' statements, they realized that they were flying too low and were trying to straighten the plane vertically, but also horizontally, depending on the median of the runway. During this time, they set the aircraft speed to 137kt (254km / h) and activated autothrottles to maintain speed. For unknown reasons, A / T did not maintain the desired speed. Data recorded by FDR (one of the black boxes of the aircraft) shows a much slower speed.

The hearings and investigations will continue in the coming days. We will come back with information!

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