The delay of the SAS SK4700 flight, from August 7, led to the isolation of 158 passengers

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On August 7, flight SAS SK4700, on the route Nice - Oslo, was delayed by 15 minutes. According to the new schedule, it was scheduled to land in Oslo around 00:10.

It's just that the problem is coming now. Norway announced on 6 August 2020 that France, Switzerland, the Principality of Monaco and the Czech Republic will be included in the "red list" after crossing the threshold of 20 new cases of COVID-19 per 100.000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. The measure would come with the 10-day isolation of all those traveling from these countries to Norway. The new measure entered into force on August 8, at 00:00.

We return to the SK4700 flight from August 7th. The pilots knew that a midnight landing would put passengers in solitary confinement. And they fired as much as they could to avoid this inconvenience, especially since the flight was 15 minutes late.

Unfortunately, the landing in Oslo was recorded at 00:01, 9 minutes earlier than the scheduled time, but 1 minute after midnight. The passengers applauded the crew's efforts, but unfortunately, the 158 passengers are now in solitary confinement for 10 days.

The Norwegian Minister of Health explained that passengers have to go into solitary confinement because they arrived in Oslo after midnight, when the new entry restrictions came into force. Even with a 1 minute time out, there is no exception to the law.

Another proof that every minute counts.

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