Interactive map with passwords for WiFi networks in airports

Anil Polat, a travel engineer and blogger from the United States, decided to create an interactive map with passwords for WiFi networks at airports. The map is updated regularly and currently contains information from over 130 airports.

The map is useful for those traveling and waiting at the airport is no longer boring. To access the map, you need the internet. It is best to take an early interest in the internet at the destination airport (s) and extract the necessary information. Thus, once you arrive at the airport, you know the areas and steps to take for a WiFi connection.

Passwords for WiFi networks in airports

By accessing the desired airport, you will discover the airport's WiFi network and how you can connect. It is worth mentioning that these WiFi networks are open to the traveling public. Do not imagine that it is something fraudulent.


For example, on the map is also the International Airport "Henri Coandă" Bucharest. Within the airport, you can access the WiFi network without restriction.

Internet-Henri Coanda airport, Bucharest

However, in other airports, access to the WiFi network is made by password, after you have filled out a form. Often, time restrictions also appear: 30 minutes, 60 minutes!