Interiors of Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350 XWB Vietnam Airlines

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Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam's national company, has firm orders for 8 units Boeing 787-9 (11 aircraft of this type would be rented) and 10 units Airbus A350-900 XWB (4 aircraft of this type would be chartered). The aircraft will be received starting this year and will be introduced into the commercial service. The first Boeing 787-9 will fly to London from 29 June 2015, and the first Airbus A350 XWB is scheduled to fly to Paris from September 30 2015.

These days, Vietnam Airlines unveiled the interiors of the two models. Boeing 787-9 aircraft will be configured in 3 classes, as shown in the image below: 28 seats in Business Class (1-2-1); 35 seats at Premium Economy (2-3-2); 211 seats at Economy (3-3-3).


The Zodiac Cirrus seats will be used in the business class, models we can find on Cathay Pacific, American Airlines and Air France aircraft. They have 42 inches and can be made to bed, and the configuration allows access to each passenger's corridor. It offers enough space for your feet. As facilities, passengers can enjoy Wi-Fi, SMS, sockets, but there will also be a USB port. You won't miss the 15.4 inch display either.


Below you have the Premium Economy cab in a 2-3-2 configuration. The seats will have 42 inches and will be provided with 10.6 inch screens.


And the Economy cabin with the seats arranged in a classic 3-3-3. Each seat will come equipped with a 10.6 inch display.


aircraft Airbus A350 XWB Vietnam Airlines they will also be configured in 3 classes, but we still do not have information about the number of seats available.

The Business Class will be equipped with standard Sogerma Solstys chairs.


Behind the Business class will be the Premium Economy class, which will come with seats identical or similar to those announced for the Boeing 787-9.


And the Economy class with the seats arranged in the classic 3-3-3. It should be noted that all Economy seats will be equipped with personal video screens.




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