Internet in planes! Airlines that offer high speed Wi-Fi internet!

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In 2012, when I launched, one of the most accessed aviation and tourism sites in Romania, I didn't even dream of internet on the plane. It was still the rule to turn off the phones throughout the flight.

But technology has advanced, both in the field of gadgets, but also in the aeronautical industry, and today we can keep the phones open provided they are in "airplane" mode. In addition to this facility, airlines have begun to offer internet services on board aircraft.

I had the opportunity to test the Wi-Fi connection on Air France - KLM flights, paying for the best packages - Stream at Air France (20 EURO) and Streaming the KLM (12 EURO). But there are other cheaper and even free packages.

Air France has the package Message free, offering access only to communication through messages (WhatsApp, iMessage and WeChat). You also have the package at Air France Surf, which can be paid for one hour or for the entire duration of the flight (rates from 3 Euro). It gives you access to web browsing and email verification.

KLM has offers similar to those of Air France: free for 30 minutes per package Message; the package Surf the 8 EURO; the package Streaming the 12 EURO.

To my surprise, the internet went very well. Regarding the speed of the internet, I can say that it was good and constant. Following some tests, we reached speeds of up to 50 Mbs per download and 20-30 Mbs per upload. We were able to navigate different sites, communicate and work while flying at over 10 meters. I had a pleasant feeling knowing that I can always be in touch with those at home, that I can work while flying for 000-2 hours, that I have high speed internet access to be able to watch a video on YouTube or a movie on a streaming platform.

I could even access one online casino and I took advantage of the offer free spins today to relax while flying to Amsterdam. Time passed much faster in the conditions in which I always had something to do, I had access to entertainment or I could communicate with friends.

Passengers can purchase one of the three internet packages on Air France - KLM flights directly from the websites of the two airlines or on board aircraft through the KLM and Air France portals, sites that can only be accessed via the Wi-Fi network while the phone is in airplane mode.

KLM and Air France offer internet in aircraft and use Panasonic Avionics equipment

KLM and Air France use Panasonic Avionics equipment, designed to ensure a stable connection and good internet speed via the Viasat satellite, throughout the flight. The new service Wi-Fi was implemented by Air France - KLM starting with 2013, and currently a large part of the fleets of the two airlines can offer this service, including on flights to / from Bucharest.

Internet connection has been, is and will be one of the most requested requirements of passengers who choose to travel by plane. Nowadays, more and more airlines offer internet connection during flights, some of them offering this service for free.

Other airlines offering high-speed Wi-Fi on board aircraft: Air Europa, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, SWISS, Norwegian, Finnair, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, United, Vueling, Turkish Airlines and more . Wi-Fi on the plane is no longer a fad, but a necessity!

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