Free Wi-Fi Internet on Intercity (IC) trains operated by CFR Călători

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Enjoy free internet access on board Intercity (IC) trains operated by CFR Călători. Technology evolves and with it grows people's need to be connected to the Internet quickly and easily when they are on the go. 

CFR Călători puts passengers' travel needs first, and to keep up with their demands, together with Orange Business Services, they are providing Wi-Fi at 4G speed in all Intercity trains as part of a pilot project.

Thus, CFR Călători equipped 33 carriages serving Intercity trains with mobile Wi-Fi services. Regardless of the mobile phone network used, passengers have free and unlimited internet access throughout the journey.

How can the free Wi-Fi be accessed on board the CFR Călători train?

  1. After boarding the train, the Wi-Fi settings on the mobile device are opened.
  2. When you turn on Wi-Fi on your mobile device, "Wi-Fi CFR" will appear in the list of available networks.
  3. "Wi-Fi CFR" will be selected to connect to the network.
  4. The password displayed on board the train will be entered and the connection is completed.

In order for all CFR Călători passengers to be safe online, the Business Wi-Fi Mobile solution provided by Orange Business Services also includes the security option, which ensures the blocking of dangerous, malware-type traffic and applications that generate intense traffic data and may affect the experience of other travelers.

At the same time, Business Wi-Fi Mobile comes with useful options for CFR Călători teams, who can view the trains on the route in real time and have access to statistics on the degree of use of the Wi-Fi service. The implementation of the solution by Orange Business Services was done together with Arobs Transilvania Software, partner for Mobile Wi-Fi and Smart Tracking.

InterCity trains have returned to the CFR schedule since December. You can find them on the Bucharest - Cluj routes; Bucharest – Arad; Bucharest – Constanța; Bucharest - Iasi and Bucharest - Suceava.

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