The Internet, essential for tourists. See how many tourists choose packages with Wi-Fi included!

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We became addicted to the internet. Wherever we travel, we search for WI-FI and want to be connected with virtual friends, with our loved ones, to keep up to date with information, but the Internet also means the use of useful applications in travel, entertainment, etc. In our travels, whatever their nature, the internet is indispensable. Personally I could give up the internet, but sometimes he doesn't give up on me. Business is connected to the internet, and it does not take a break.

According to a study done by Paravion, Wi-Fi internet is a mandatory requirement for business and leisure tourism, both in Romania and abroad. In the country, over 85% of hotels provide free Wi-Fi internet, which is an essential criterion for guests when choosing where to stay. On the other hand, outside the borders, 80% of hotels provide Internet access, but many of them do so at a cost, with prices varying between 10 and 30 euros per day.

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According to the agency, the cities of Ploiești, Bucharest, Timișoara, Galați, Constanța and Cluj-Napoca are the main points on the business tourism map, at the same time ensuring the best Internet connection via Wi-Fi. The majority of foreign tourists come to Romania for business purposes, and ensuring Wi-Fi Internet connection is a mandatory 100% requirement for business tourism.

And foreign tourists, who come to our country for their own purposes, are looking for hotels with Wi-Fi included in their accommodation packages. Paravion data also shows that over 80% of foreign tourists reservation of tourist packages with free internet access.

As for the Romanians traveling abroad, they also choose hotels that provide free internet connection. This requirement is valid both for those who travel abroad for business purposes, and for Romanians who go on vacation.

The profile of the Romanian tourist dependent on the Internet looks like this: the average age up to 40 years, who wants a permanent connection, both for personal and professional purposes. If about 3 years ago, about 60% of them were requesting hotels with secured Wi-Fi, today the percentage has increased to over 80%.

According to the study, over 80% of the hotels outside provide Internet access for tourists, for free or for a fee, but there are differences from one country to another. The highest costs of Internet access are found in the US, Madagascar or Cuba. Here access is provided in a fairly high proportion, but at tailored rates. Expensive Internet is also found in Mozambique, South Africa and Malawi. At the opposite end are Switzerland, Luxembourg or Japan, where the rates for Internet access are among the lowest compared to the average in other countries.

And as a complement to this study: the internet as in Romania we find nowhere in the world. Not for nothing, Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential candidate in the US, said that Internet services in Bucharest are faster than those in the United States.

Newer, we also want wi-fi during the trip. More and more airlines have begun to offer Internet access and telephony over 10 000 meters altitude. Currently, packages are limited in volume of data, and rates start from 5-10 EURO and can reach 50 EURO and even 100 EURO. Yes, but the pleasure of posting a selfie from above makes all the money.

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