Frequently Asked Questions: Can I make reservations for connecting / connecting flights to Wizz Air, Blue Air, RYANAIR?

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When you want to travel to a specific destination that is not covered by a direct flight from the airport of departure, you can combine the flights according to the airlines that operate them. These are considered connecting flights. In the case of full-service airlines or within the companies of the same air alliances, flights can be combined on a single ticket to the destination. The problem arises when flights are operated by low-cost airlines because they fly point-to-point and cannot combine flights. The same happens in full-service companies that have not partnered to combine flights and then the segments are purchased individually.

Stop flights to Wizz Air

For example, Wizz Air does not operate connecting flights and cannot facilitate the transfer of passengers and their luggage to other flights (either Wizz Air flights or operated by other airlines). For this reason, Wizz Air does not assume responsibility for the loss of other flights after the current one.

If you book several flights to Wizz Air on the same day, they are not considered connecting flights. You will need to pick up your luggage, exit the transit area, go to the check-in desk, hand over your luggage, head to the security checkpoint and board again for the next flight. Make sure your travel documents are valid in all countries of arrival / departure.

Make sure there is enough time between the arrival time of the current flight and the departure time of the next flight.

Stop flights to RYANAIR

Instead, RYANAIR introduced the possibility of combining some flights operated through airports. RYANAIR has a service called "Stopover flights". Remember, Airline tickets purchased as part of the RYANAIR "Stopover" service have a single booking number and cannot be separated.

It takes at least 150 minutes to make a connection between flights. Make sure you are at the boarding gate at least 20 minutes before the departure of the connecting flight. The maximum duration allowed for a stopover flight is 6 hours.

Airline ticket changes can only be made for the entire trip. A change of ticket fee will be charged per trip (round trip) and you must pay any price difference between the initial flight and the modified flight.

Yes, if, for whatever reason, you do not use the first plane, you will still be able to use the second plane on the stopover. Also, if you do not use the departure flights, you will still be able to use the return flights.

If you have booked a stopover flight with RYANAIR (one booking number) and you lose the connection because the initial flight is canceled or delayed, RYANAIR ensures that you are transferred to the next available flight to the final destination. Alternatively, you may be entitled to a return flight to your original destination and a refund.

Stop flights to Blue Air

Blue Air does not guarantee connections with other flights or other means of transport, except those sold by Blue Air as such.

The flights of the air carrier are not intended to be used in connection with other flights of the Company or other companies, except those sold as such by Blue Air. A connection fee will apply for such connecting flights.

Any other connection made by passengers outside the above rules will be made at their own risk, and passengers will have to go through the check-in procedure for each of the successive flights.

If the passenger has tickets for Blue Air flights with a stopover, flights sold by Blue Air as such, the passenger has the obligation to announce at check-in at the airport of departure for which flight Blue Air continues to have a ticket; in this case, he will be given directions on the boarding pass and luggage tag for the return flight`

If the travel ticket is issued for two or more flight segments to a destination, the passenger is required to collect hold baggage upon arrival at the airport indicated on the baggage label as the final destination.

If the passenger holds a valid travel document for a connecting flight, he must be informed in advance of the check-in and check-in / hold baggage transfer procedures associated with his travel itinerary. 


In conclusion we can say that there are companies where you can combine flights to reach a destination that does not have coverage with direct flight from the airport of departure. In this case, the company guarantees the transhipment to the next flight (or to another flight if a scheduled connection is lost) and also handles the hold baggage transfer, etc.

In other situations, you will have to combine your own flights and for this you must take the time to do all the check-in / check-in / boarding formalities at the airport or transit airports. This is also necessary in the case of hold baggage. Unfortunately, if you combine flights on your own, airlines are not liable for loss of connection or connections if the previous flight is canceled or delayed. Be very careful when booking your plane tickets and how you combine your flights.

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