Investments of 580 million EUR at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris (video)

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The Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris has undergone important changes in the last year, both in terms of organization and investment, details that have not gone unnoticed among passengers in transit. Thus, the investment of EUR 580 million in the modernization of the airport showed its first benefits, namely a degree of satisfaction of 91% of passengers, according to a recent study by the CSA (Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel).


International travelers said they were satisfied with various aspects, such as the speed of the check-in process (89%), access to the boarding areas (91%), cleanliness (94%), safety (96%) and the environment ( 95%) from the different areas arranged for passengers. Overall, 9 of 10 passengers expressed their satisfaction with the services provided at the airport. Also, 71% of travelers stated that they had changed their mind about CDG airport in Paris after a stopover trip here.

Paris Charles de Gaulle

The results of the study are based on investments of EUR 580 million in the airport infrastructure, which offers additional benefits to travelers, both in terms of accessibility and comfort.

The most important result of this investment is S4 satellite of 2E terminal. Spacious and spacious, the new satellite offers passengers an area of ​​6.000 sqm with shops, bars, restaurants and 25.000 sqm dedicated to relaxation areas. Business class passengers can enjoy a lounge of 3.000 sqm, with an inspirational theme park.

The new infrastructure is dedicated to long-haul Air France flights and can handle up to 7,8 millions of passengers. At the end of these investments, the new Paris CDG hub will be able to handle traffic of about 42 million passengers annually.

Check-in areas are more spacious, including 19 customer desks for SkyPriority and 44 desks for Economy class customers, with waiting times being significantly reduced. This terminal will be able to accommodate about 16 million customers, compared to 14 million at present. Schengen passengers will use dedicated areas, which are much faster and easier to identify.

All intercontinental flights and European non-Schengen flights (including those from Romania) are now grouped in the 2E terminal. Air France operates 5 daily flights from Bucharest to Paris - Charles de Gaulle.

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