Investments of 1 billion EURO in Romanian airports, until 2024!

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The main airports in Romania benefit from important investments worth approximately 1 billion euros until 2024, according to an analysis made by ONV LAW and cited by These investments are made against the background of the increase in the flow of passengers from airports in Romania. At the same time, they are also influenced by the strategic decision to strengthen NATO bases in Romania, against the backdrop of recent geo-political developments. Some of the projects are underway as early as 2022, and most of the funds will be absorbed by 2024.

Financing comes from local funds or from the state budget, but European funds are also attracted for the development of the local air infrastructure. The main airports in Romania have ongoing investment projects of over 530 million euros, and investments of over 400 million euros will soon be made in the critical air infrastructure.

Thus, among the biggest beneficiaries of the investments announced for Romanian airports are Henri Coandă International Airport, Brașov Airport, the airports of Craiova, Iași, Cluj-Napoca and Constanța.

According to the data analyzed by ONV LAWthe list of investments is dominated by the Henri Coanda airport, which benefits from an investment of 163 million euros, followed at a short distance by the Brașov International Airport.

Some ongoing projects:

  1. "Henri Coandă" International Airport Bucharest - 163 million euros for the modernization of taxiways and the expansion of the aircraft parking platform;
  2. Brașov International Airport – 130 million euros;
  3. Craiova International Airport – 100 million euros for the construction of a new terminal;
  4. Iasi International Airport – 61 million euros for the expansion of existing terminals;
  5. "Danube Delta" Tulcea Airport - 27 million euros for the modernization and expansion of the passenger terminal and the modernization of the boarding-disembarkation platform;
  6. "Avram Iancu" International Airport Cluj-Napoca - 46 million euros for the expansion of the departure terminal;
  7. "Mihail Kogalniceanu" Constanța International Airport - 37 million euros for investments in a new terminal, control tower, parking lot;
  8. "Traian Vuia" International Airport Timișoara - 17 million euros investment for a new terminal departures foreign flights.
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