Special guests at BIAS 2016

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There are 19 days until the most anticipated aviation show in Romania. On 30 July 2016, Baneasa International Airport will be rocked by the aircraft engines present at the event. It will be an edition in FORCE.

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For BIAS 2016, we have confirmations from Romania, Spain, Ukraine, Czech Republic, USA, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Lithuania. There will be aircraft for aerobatics, but also exposed to the ground.

Special guests this year:

Spanish Air Force: F-18 "Hornet";
Ukrainian Air Force: Suhoi Su-27 "Flanker";
Czech Air Force: SAAB 39 Gripen, L-159 ALCA, multi-role combat aircraft manufactured in the Czech Republic;
US Air Force: F-15 "Eagle", just exposed to the ground.
Greek Air Force: Mirage 2000, just exposed to the ground.
Bulgarian Air Force: Suhoi Su-25, just exposed to the ground.

Romanian Air Forces will participate with MIG 21 Lancer, IAR 99 Șoim, IAR 316 B, IAK 52, IAR 330 PUMA, C130 Hercules and C27 Spartan.

The Romanian club will participate with Hawks of Romania, Tricolor Vultures, The Pelicans, White Wings, along with the Blue Wings paratroopers.

There will also be Jurgis Kairys, multiple world champion in aerobatics. The evolution program will be completed by Flying Bulls, F4U Corsair and B25 Mitchell.

Participants will also find Acrobatic Jays, TAROM, the Superior School of Civil Aviation, but also the aviation structures of the Ministry of Interior.

The online publication Airlinestravel.ro will be the media partner for the 5 consecutive edition.

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