Iran Air has withdrawn the last Boeing 747-100 in the world

Iran Air launches the world's last Boeing 747-100 (video)

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The story of the plane Boeing 747-100 begins in 1969, with the first flight in its history. It is the first large-capacity, four-engined aircraft launched by Boeing on the market. A total of 167 units were built in this model. Iran Air (Tehran) was one of the airlines that enjoyed the services offered by Boeing 747-100.

Boeing 747-186b EP-IAM (msn 21759)

The story ended on 8 January 2014, with the withdrawal of the aircraft from the operating system Boeing 747-186b EP-IAM (msn 21759). The aircraft operated a final flight between Mehrabad Airport (THR) and Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA), where it will be stored. The flight took 10 minutes and was operated on 3 engines, with Captain Moghadam at the helm. Currently, the aircraft is on the ground forever at IKA airport, after 34.6 years of flights.

The aircraft Boeing 747-186b EP-IAM (msn 21759) was equipped with 4 PW JT9D-7F engines. The first flight operated on 20.06.1979, and on 02.08.1979 arrived in the fleet Iran Air.

  1. [...] Iran Air needs a new and young fleet to be able to expand on international as well as domestic routes. Currently, the average age of Iran Air aircraft is 26.8 years. To get an idea of ​​the age of the fleet, find out that Iran Air still has Airbus A300 and Boeing 747-200 aircraft. Until 2014, he also had Boeing 747-100 in the commercial service. The last Boeing 747-186b EP-IAM (MSN 21759) in the world was withdrawn on 8 January 2014. [...]

  2. […] Iran Air has big plans for the future and wants to become a power in South-East Asia commercial aviation. In recent years, due to commercial embargo, Iran Air has been forced to operate obsolete and outdated aircraft. Imagine that the last Boeing 747-100 in the world was withdrawn on January 8 2015. [...]

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