Irina Fodor will present America Express 2022, the former Asia Express!

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In 2022, “Asia-Express"Becomes"America express”. 9 pairs of competitors will explore South America, on a route that totals 7000 kilometers and will pass through the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia.

Asia Express becomes America Express

According to the Italian version, Antena 1 is the second television in the world to start on this route. The stars of the new season follow in the footsteps of the conquerors and will discover the colors and spices of Mexic, to explore the temples of Guatemala and decipher the mysteries of Columbia.

The fifth season of the show will be presented by Irina Fodor who, as before, will be with the competitors step by step, will coordinate them, will offer them missions, but also the coveted immunities. In continuation, Oasis and Marius Damian they will tell stories about the spectacular places where this whole adventure will take place.

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