Irritating gas on an Hawaiian Airlines plane (Video)

On 31 in August, passengers on the Oakland - Kahului flight reported respiratory problems due to an irritant gas. The flight was operated by a Boeing 767-300ER Hawaiian Airlines.

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The August finale will certainly not be forgotten too quickly by passengers on a Hawaiian Airlines flight. On August 31, several passengers aboard a Boeing 767-300ER Hawaiian Airlines suffered respiratory problems due to an irritant gas.

The cabin staff made the decision to move the passengers to its tail, as far as the area where this gas was felt. The aircraft commander decided to continue flying to Kahului, where he landed safely.

Irritating gas in a Boeing 767-300ER Hawaiian Airlines

Dozens of passengers and 3 flight attendants needed medical attention after landing in Hawaii. Following the research, it was found that this irritant gas was sprayed with a pepper spray. It seems that a young man brought a pepper spray on board, which accidentally set off about 3 hours after taking off. Company officials said Business Class passengers were the most affected.

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

The incident is being investigated by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Maui police. The person responsible for the spray transport may pay a fine of up to 13 000 dollars. No other details were mentioned.

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