Isolation / quarantine is no longer mandatory for those entering Romania. The measure is suspended until the legislation.

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Following a discussion with a DSP Arad representative, I flat out that Isolation / Quarantine is no longer mandatory for those entering Romania, regardless of the country of origin.

On June 26, the Constitutional Court ruled that Parliament could not rule on the decision to establish or extend the state of alert. The judges ruled that solitary confinement, quarantine and compulsory hospitalization could not be ordered by ministerial order.

Isolation / quarantine is no longer mandatory

Once the motivation of the RCC has reached the Official Gazette, the mandatory isolation / quarantine can no longer be applied. The JRC removed this measure from its applicability. The Constitutional Court states in its reasoning published on Wednesday that "compulsory hospitalization of coronavirus patients is a real deprivation of liberty."

In conclusion, the measure of home isolation / institutionalized quarantine is temporarily suspended for all persons (including for whom this measure was applied before 02.07.2020).


The government has 45 days to change the law and correct this problem. Only an organic law, passed by the parliament, can impose isolation / quarantine in different situations.

Until then, dear Romanians in the diaspora, you can travel to Romania without entering isolation / quarantine. However, if you come from the yellow zone, you will still have to fill in the entry declaration and talk to a DSP representative.

CAREFUL!!! It should be noted that all persons benefiting from the temporary suspension of the home / quarantine isolation measure must be informed that, in the event that, within 14 days of returning to the country or of the last contact with a confirmed case, they become positive. for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, it risks falling under the law according to art. 352 of the New Criminal Code (Crimes against public health - Failure to combat diseases) and to suffer the consequences of committing this act.

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  1. Silviu says

    You mean, like, flying from the UK to Romania?

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