Israel announces exceeding the threshold of 1 million tourists, of which 4000 were from Romania in 2022!

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Just over four months after the lifting of coronavirus restrictions restricting entry into Israel, Israel announces crossing the threshold 1 million of tourists after the resumption of post-pandemic tourism. tourists with the number "1 million" was welcomed on landing at Ben Gurion Airport by the Minister of Tourism and de representatives Ministry of Tourism and it's called Belinda Desoyo Lee Marcelo, în age 53 years old, residentă of the United Arab Emirates.

The tourism industry has been severely affected by the pandemic, but the current recovery of incoming tourism is now exceeding forecasts. The number of tourists arriving is growing and, with it, tourism revenues in the Israeli economy are increasing.

According to published statistics, incoming tourism reached 244.500 tourist arrivals in June 2022, just 33% less than the record set in June 2019. Based on the recovery trend of incoming tourism, it is expected that up to 2 million tourists to arrive in Israel by the end of 2022.

Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov greeted the 1 millionth tourist on arrival at Ben Gurion Airport: "At first, we thought and hoped that the President of the United States of America Joe Biden would be the number 1 tourist to arrive in Israel in 2022, but once again we exceeded the forecast.

Here we are, greeting the number 1 million tourist who entered Israel this year. Last year, our airspace was closed, there were crown restrictions, and we had serious concerns about incoming tourism. Despite the situation, we did not want to give up.

We have worked hard to open up the industry and bring the tourism industry back to life despite the challenges. To my delight, unlike all the pessimistic forecasts so far, we can see today that tourism has flourished again in Israel. One million tourists bring money into the Israeli economy, create job opportunities across the country and provide a livelihood for entire families. We are now looking forward to meeting the next goal we have set for the industry: 10 million tourists by 2030. ”

Over 4.000 Romanian tourists visited Israel in June, 2022

Immediately after lifting the travel restrictions in Israel, Romanian tourists booked their first vacation in Israel. Romanians are in the top 7 nations that traveled to Israel in June, surpassing states such as Canada and Brazil in terms of the number of tourists traveling to the Holy Land.

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