Israel and Jordan have signed an agreement to open airspace for commercial flights.

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Jordan and Israel have signed an agreement opening their airspace to operate commercial flights. It is an aviation agreement that allows the operation of commercial flights through the airspace of the two countries. This will shorten the flights and will significantly contribute to the opening of new routes.

The agreement, approved by the civil aviation authorities of the two countries, enters into force after years of negotiations. These have been accelerated following recent diplomatic successes between Jordan and Israel. The agreement will help reduce travel prices and reduce fuel consumption.

Airlines will be able to fly in Israeli and Jordanian airspace, which will shorten the flight time between the Gulf and Asian countries and destinations in Europe and North America.

This agreement between Israel and Jordan comes after the normalization of relations between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, but also after Saudi Arabia opened its airspace for flights between Israel and the Gulf states.

A few days after the opening of the Israel - Jordan airspace, Etihad Airways operated a first commercial flight on the Abu Dhabi - Israel route, marking a historic moment in the economic relationship between the 2 states.

As of 2021, more commercial flights are expected between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The agreement provides for 48 commercial flights with passengers per week between the 2 states, but also 10 cargo flights.

Emirates, Etihad Airways and Israir are just a few airlines in the region, interested in operating flights between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

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