Istanbul - Samarkand with Turkish Airlines, from March 16, 2018

This week the Istanbul - Samarkand, Uzbekistan route was inaugurated, this being the 302 destination on the Turkish Airlines network.

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The city of Samarkand has been added to the UNESCO heritage list, and this week it is part of the Turkish Airlines network. It is the 302 destination to which the TK airplanes fly, being a tourist one.

Istanbul - Samarkand with Turkish Airlines

There will be two weekly flights, on Tuesdays and Fridays, operated after the schedule:

TK 372 Istanbul 06:00 - 12:20 Samarkand
TK 373 Samarkand 13:50 - 17:05 Istanbul

Samarkand, a city on the UNESCO World Heritage list, houses madrasas, mosques, museums, tombs, architectural masterpieces.

Samarkand is the second destination in Uzbekistan, after the capital Tashkent, to which Turkish Airlines flies. This will strengthen the relations between the 2 countries. Turkish Airlines started flying to Uzbekistan as early as 1992.

Currently, Turkish Airlines makes 7 weekly flights to Tashkent and 2 weekly flights to Samarkand, and 3 frequency to the new destination will be introduced in the near future.

Samarkand was founded by the Persians, with an important economic share in the province of Ahemenid. The economic flourishing of the city is due to the geographical location favorable to trade (located north of the trade road "Silk Road"). In 329 BC the fortress was conquered by Alexander the Great.

Under Muslim rule the development of the city is rapid, especially under the Persian rule of the Samanid dynasty. The Mongols under the leadership of Ginghis Han destroy the city in the 1220 year.

Under the rule of the Mongolian inn Timur-i-Leng, Samarkand is rebuilt and becomes the capital of its empire. In the year 1868, under Russian administration, the city will be integrated into Turkistan. In 1925, Samarkand becomes the capital of Uzbekistan. In 1930, the capital of Uzbekistan is moved to Tashkent.

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