The history of Air France tickets from 1933 to 2012

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The tickets Air France they have witnessed the evolution of the company, over time, from 1933 to the present. Although it has been almost 80 years, the great revolution in the airline industry took place recently, when their dematerialization took place.


In other words, Air France has launched in 2012 and the mobile version of the site to the company, which has simplified the process of buying a ticket, the way to make reservations and even introduced online check-in.

With a simple smartphone and internet access you can buy a plane ticket without having to wait in line. That way you can save time and solve everything much faster. Air France it is not the only airline that offers these facilities.

Currently, most operators have mobile-friendly websites to facilitate online transactions. This has also reduced personnel costs because the ticket purchase process is 100% electronic.

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