Italy could ban travel between its regions for those not vaccinated against COVID (proposal)

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With the good news coming from vaccine manufacturers come various proposals and thoughts on the immunization plan of the population and how we can travel in 2021.

Qantas, the largest airline in Australia and in the world, will take into account that in its aircraft to travel only vaccinated passengers. This idea, which was mentioned by Alan Joyce (CEO of Qantas), has given rise to much controversy among our readers, but also globally.

But what would you say if a European country required vaccination for those who want to travel between its regions? It's about Italy. The strategic plan for anti-Covid vaccination, which will be presented to Parliament on Wednesday (December 2, 2020) by Health Minister Roberto Speranza, also includes a section on the permit that gives Italians the opportunity to travel from one region to another and beyond. abroad, a permit that will be issued after vaccination, according to The newspaper.

You don't get vaccinated, you don't travel

Potrigit Digi24, all Italians vaccinated against Covid will be registered and will have permits that may be required for travel both in the country and abroad.

At the same time, all vaccinated subjects should be included in a special register, a database that will be useful primarily for monitoring potential adverse reactions. Secondly, the same register will be used to issue permits that may be required for travel in the country and abroad. In this regard, a few weeks after vaccination, serological tests will be performed to verify that the vaccine administered had the desired effect, namely the production of antibodies against Covid. Otherwise, the vaccination will have to be repeated, most likely with another product.

We know that Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19 began to be transported to Europe through the airline UNITED. The manufacturer says it is 95% efficient. But how many of you will accept vaccination?

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