Italy lifts restrictions on vaccinated people! "Book your holiday in Italy" - the exhortation issued by the Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi!

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Mario Draghi, the Prime Minister of Italy, announced the national vaccination permit, which will be implemented in mid-May, before the one announced by the European Union. With this announcement, the officials from Rome invite the tourists to book the summer vacation in Italy.

"In mid-May, tourists can have an Italian permit, so it's time to book your holiday in Italy," said Mr. Draghi. "Our mountains, our beaches, our cities are reopening."

Mario Draghi announced that his country will introduce a national vaccination permit from mid-May, ahead of a pan-European system that is expected to operate in June, to speed up the resumption of tourism. In this context, Italy extends quarantine for EU travel until May 15.

The Italian permit would allow tourists to travel to Italy without having to be quarantined, as long as they show proof of vaccination, immunization following COVID-19 infection or a negative covid test.

Italy, along with many other tourism-focused countries, argue EU green digital certificate, which is designed to make travel easier as vaccination campaigns run globally.

The EU system is due to be tested this month and should be operational by mid-June, Mr Draghi said. Italy has been pushing for it to be ready as soon as possible. However, legislation is still being negotiated and has not been finalized, with some northern states being more cautious about introducing the system.

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