Prohibited items / things / objects in hand luggage and hold baggage. What you are not allowed to take on the plane!

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The list of prohibited items, both for hand luggage and hold baggage, is not fixed. The enumeration of prohibited articles specific to each of these two categories includes some indicative examples, to which other articles are added, if they have characteristics similar to those listed.

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Prohibited items in hand luggage and hold baggage

The list is informative and always open to changes and transformations. You must take them into account so that you can carry your hand luggage or hold your luggage in full compliance with the required rules. When you're having a hard time figuring out whether an item is banned or not, you can ask us so you know exactly where that item belongs.

Prohibited items in hand luggage

Devices that can be used or appear to be used to cause serious damage by projectile launch, including:

  • all types of firearms (pistols, revolvers, rifles, rifles);
  • toy weapons, children and imitations of firearms, which can be confused with real weapons;
  • parts of firearms, except telescopic sightings;
  • missile launchers; starting pistols; toy guns and rifles of all kinds;
  • compressed air and CO2 weapons (pistols, shotguns, rifles, rifles and ball guns);
  • bows, crossbows and arrows;
  • harpoons and harpoon launchers;
  • slingshots and catapults.

Devices specially designed to paralyze or immobilize, including:

  • electric shock devices such as electric shock guns, tasers and electric shock rods;
  • stunning devices and devices for killing animals;
  • neutralizing and disabling chemicals, gases and sprays such as irritant-tear sprays, pepper sprays, hot pepper sprays, tear gas, acid sprays and repellent sprays for animals.

Objects that can be used to cause serious injury when used to strike, including:

  • baseball and softball bats;
  • sticks;
  • martial arts specific equipment.

Tools that can be used both to cause serious injury and to endanger the safety of the aircraft, including:

  • crumbs;
  • drills and drill bits, including portable electric cordless drills;
  • blade or rod tools longer than 6 cm, such as screwdrivers and chisels;
  • saws, including portable electric chainsaws;
  • welding burners;
  • bolt-action pistols and nail guns.

Prohibited items in hand luggage and hold baggage

Explosive and incendiary substances and devices that may be used or appear to be used to cause serious injury or danger to the safety of the aircraft, including:

  • ammunition;
  • detonating boxes;
  • detonators and wicks;
  • copies or imitations of explosive devices;
  • mines, grenades and other military explosive devices;
  • fireworks and other pyrotechnic articles;
  • smoke bombs and smoke cartridges;
  • dynamite, gunpowder and plastic explosives.

CAREFUL! Many of the prohibited items in hand luggage can be taken in hold baggage. As mentioned above, these lists are open and can always be supplemented with products similar to those listed.

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