Happysor challenges you to a Trivia contest

Do you like to travel? Happyşor challenges you to a Trivia contest

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Do you like to travel? Happyşor challenges you to a Trivia contest. Enter the "Challenge of HAPPYşor" application, answer the 31 questions in a short time and you will have the chance to win one of the 3 prizes. The big prizes are: a city-break La Riga for 2 persons (air tickets offered by Air Baltic), a camera (prize offered by F64) and two nights of accommodation at a country house (Archia Mansion).

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Did I get your attention? It is very good! Now let me tell you about the application and how you can test your traveler knowledge. Accessing the application can be done exclusively from the organizer's Facebook pages, respectively Happy Tour's Facebook page and HAPPYsor's Facebook page. Log in as required and play.

CAREFUL!!! You can only play once for prizes or vouchers. But you can test your knowledge in the application anytime you want, by ticking the "stake free" box.

Once you enter the competition, you must go through the ones 31 of questions in a short time and accumulate those 310 points. There are four levels with different degrees of difficulty. The first 3 levels have as many 10 questions as follows: the first level contains 10 questions about countries, level two contains 10 questions about cities, level three contains 10 questions about sightseeing. Level four contains one question with a high degree of difficulty. It should be noted that in the system there are thousands of questions for each level and there are minimal chances of two competitors having the same questions.

After each level, you have the option to accept one voucher (voucher value: 10 EURO after the first level, 20 EURO after the second level, 30 EURO after the third level) discount for Happy Tour services or give up your voucher and go for one of the great prizes. If you have difficulty answering certain questions, you can call one of them 3 assistive variants: variant "50 / 50"; variant "extra time"; the "help of a friend" option.

The campaign is valid until 3 December 2015. If you are still enjoying an extended holiday on the occasion of the 1 December - National Day of Romania, benefit from the chance to showcase your travel knowledge. I wish you success!

What level did you reach?


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