Jet Airways suspends all flights. The one step bankrupt!

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Jet Airways, one of the largest airlines in India, has announced the suspension of all domestic and international flights.

The announcement of the suspension of the flights came after the failure of the company officials to find money, lots of money. Unfortunately, the Indian lending consortium refused Jet Airways' request for intermediary financing.

And because there is no liquidity, Jet Airways has announced the suspension of all flights. There is no money for fuel and to pay for other important services in maintaining flights.

Jet Airways suspends all flights

After 25 years, Jet Airways has to stop its planes on the ground. In recent months, the company has made every effort to stay afloat. He adjusted his operations, fleet, seafaring staff. All the sacrifices were in vain.

Until 10 May 2019, Jet Airways officials hope to see a strong funder take over the company's majority stake. Chances are, a little right, that Jet Airways will return in flight.

Until then, affected passengers will be emailed or telephoned and may opt for cash or rerouting.

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