JetBlue has ordered 30 from Airbus A321 aircraft

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JetBlue Airways, New York-based air carrier, has supplemented the order with 30 of A321 aircraft (15 X A321ceo and 15 x A321neo). The American air operator, which operates Airbus A321 aircraft, did not announce the engines for the new order. Starting in 2019, JetBlue has the flexibility to configure its new aircraft from the New Engine Option version to the Longer Range A321 - A321LR version.

30 of A321 aircraft controlled by JetBlue

Airbus A321 USA

Many of the A321 aircraft ordered will be assembled at Airbus Base in Mobile, Alabama. The first A321 JetBlue, also known as the "BluesMobile," is on display at the EAA AirVenture air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Currently, JetBlue Airways operates a fleet of 160 aircraft from the A320 family: 130 x A320 and 30 x A321. And it also has to receive 116 Airbus aircraft: 25 x A320neo, 31 x A321ceo and 60 of A321neo aircraft.

Over time, Airbus has received orders for 12.600 aircraft from the A320 family. Of these, approximately 7.100 aircraft were delivered to 320 by airlines around the world.

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