5 games of airplanes that you can play for FREE on the phone

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I am an explorer and lover of airplanes. I like to fly, to discover new places, to try traditional dishes from different countries and regions. Unfortunately, the pandemic with the new COVID-19 "stopped" the Earth. We can't fly anymore, we can't travel anymore. And all the governments of the world are urging people to take measures for social distance. We stay in the house!

And if you are still at home, I want to recommend different activities to relax and keep you busy. I have recommended a few movies with and about airplanes. I invited you to visit online museums in Romania. For the little ones, I recommend you take them to zoos online. And you can even visit virtually sightseeing in Israel.

FREE airplane games

But what would you say if I recommend you play, feel like flying or being the manager of an airline? I have for you 5 games of airplanes that you can play for FREE on the phone. I have ASUS ZenFone 6 with Android, so the recommended games are for Android.

Extreme landings

extreme landings - airplane games

It's a SIMULATOR type game where you can test your pilot skills. Hundreds of scenarios can be simulated. There are 36 missions, FREE with only 6, the rest are available for purchase. You can land on 20 airports, of which only 4 are FREE. You can use the instruments on board. It's a nice, relaxing game with many combinations. Download it from here!

Airline Commander

airline commander - jocuri cu avioane

It's a SIMULATOR type game where you can test your airline skills. You can make your own airline, manage dozens of planes, open routes, schedule flights. You have dozens of aircraft models, hundreds of airports where you can install your operational hubs. You can monitor air traffic. And you can even fly planes. Download it from here!

Airlines Manager - Tycoon 2020

airlines manager - airplane games

It is one of the most complex airline management and management games. There are over 160 aircraft and 2600 airports available. The game includes 500 research articles and 200 passenger services. The game can be played in real time, meaning a 7 hour race will take 7 hours. Or in a fast way, in which a 7 hour race will last for an hour. Download it from here!

Airport Control

Airport Control - jocuri cu avioane

It's a simple, fun game. It can be practiced very easily. You only control air traffic with your fingertips. You have to handle the chaos at the airport. This game tests your multitasking ability. Download it from here!


airplanes - games with airplanes

Do you remember the childhood game - paper airplanes? The one where you had to aim at your opponent's planes? I recommend you to play Airplanes, the same traditional version, but on mobile. If you like tactical games, you will definitely find a challenge in this game. The basic idea is simple: you have to place your planes strategically and shoot down the enemy ones. You can play alone or with friends. You download it from here!

Have fun and #staiacasa!

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  1. Michael says

    Missing a very good and realistic one for iOS / ipadOS: Infinite flight

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