The Beijing Winter Olympics will begin on February 4, 2022

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Romania will be represented by 22 athletes at Beijing Winter Olympics, an event at which Raluca Strămăturaru and Paul Pepene were appointed flag bearers.

The 4th edition of the Winter Olympics is a major international multi-sport event, which will take place from February 20 to 2022, 2008 in Beijing, China. Thus, Beijing is one of the few cities in the world that hosted two editions of the Olympic Games (winter 2022 and winter XNUMX).

The Executive Committee of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee has approved the official delegation of Team Romania for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. 22 tricolors will compete at the Olympic Games: 8 athletes and 14 athletes in 8 sports.

The list of the 22 athletes who will compete at the Beijing Winter Olympics

Sleigh - Raluca Strămăturaru (female, relay), Valentin Creţu (male, relay), Marian Gîtlan- Darius Şerban (double male, relay), coach Ioan Apostol, coach Eugen Radu, physiotherapist Ion Piţa. Team Leader Sorina Ţicu;

Bob - Andreea Grecu (monobob, bob 2 female), Katharina Wick (bob 2 female); coach Paul Neagu; Mihai Tentea (male 2, male 4), Ciprian Daroczi (male 2), Raul Dobre (male 4), Cristian Radu (male 4); coach Iulian Păcioianu, serviceman Mihai Păcioianu;

Skeleton - Sebastian Enache (male), coach Marius Ene; (* POSSIBLE RE-ALLOCATION - Reserve 1)

Alpine skiing - Maria Constantinescu (slalom, giant slalom - women), Alexandru Ştefănescu (slalom, giant slalom - men), coach Andrei Szilagyi, coach Alexandru Barbu;

Ski jumping - Daniela Haralambie (NH female), Andrei Feldorean (NH, LH - male), Daniel Cacina (NH, LH - male), coach Florin Spulber, serviceman Adrian Comănescu, Team Leader Puiu Gaspar;

Cross-country skiing - Timea Lorincz (skiing, free sprint - women), Paul Pepene, Raul Popa (skiing, free sprint, team sprint - men), coach Daniel Borca, serviceman Tanko Elemer;

Biathlon - Natalia Ushkina (individual, sprint, track - female), George Colţea (sprint, individual, track - male), coach Vasile Gheorghe, coach Cristian Moşoiu, physiotherapist Czont Attila;

Speed ​​skating - Mihaela Hogaş (female), coach Bogdan Stănescu.

Viewers will be able to watch on TVR 1 and TVR 2 the evolution of Romanian athletes qualified for the Olympics, but also figure skating competitions, alpine skiing, ski jumping, hockey, spectacular short-track races, curling, snowboarding.

For over 50 years, Romanian Television transmit Olympic Games. The tradition continues in 2022, and from February 4 to 20, TVR offers its viewers the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games, the XXIV edition of the Winter Olympics, the largest multi-sport event in the world.

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