fbpx Jumbo Stay - Boeing 747-200 transformed into hotel (video)

Jumbo Stay - a Boeing 747-200 has been turned into a hotel (video)

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What can you do with one? Boeing 747-200? It depends on the imagination. Many Boeing 747 aircraft they have broken up. But Oscar Dios, a Swedish entrepreneur, has shown us that a beautiful hostel can be made.

Opened in January 2010, Jumbo Stay offers 27 rooms, all equipped with Wi-Fi and a TV. You can enjoy a drink in the Jumbo Lounge, a bar set up inside the aircraft. Boeing 747-200 Jumbo Stay is located near Arlanta International Airport, Stockholm.

Jumbo Stay - Boeing 747-200

Below are some pictures from inside the hotel.

Jumbo Stay Hostel
Jumbo Stay Hostel
Jumbo Stay Hostel
Jumbo Stay Hostel

Jumbo Stay can be a dream come true for any airplane enthusiast. I would love to stay in such hotels / hostels again Jumbo Stay he is not alone. Prices are tailor-made. They start from a few hundred euros and can reach even thousands, depending on the room and the number of nights you want.

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