K-9 Piper, Wildlife Control Officer at Cherry Capital Airport, Michigan

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This article is dedicated to a special character. Meet with K-NONE Piper, Wildlife Control Officer at Cherry Capital Airport, Michigan. Specifically, Piper takes care of the runways at Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan, and keeps birds and other wildlife away.

K-9 Piper, Wildlife Control Officer

As you can see, this is man's best friend. Piper is a Border Collie dog and works at the airport with his master, Brian Edwards.

Brian Edwards works at the 2008 airport. In 2012, he became Piper's owner and thought of giving him a job. There was a period of preparation and training not exactly easy. In January 2015, Piper officially began work at the airport. Kevin Klein, the director of Cherry Capital Airport, saw in Piper a reliable employee, whose mission is to keep away from the airport runways, geese, ducks and even snow owls. He spends most of his time on patrol, thus increasing flight safety. Border Collie dogs are perfect for this type of work.

In November 2015, Piper was injured in the leg as he jumped out of the car to chase a snow owl, which proves that his job is not easy. Now she's in recovery, but she's not home. He feels good among airplanes and helicopters and shows us that he likes what he does.

Piper wears a pair of glasses to protect his eyes from sunlight, but also from dirt. It also has ear protection earphones.

K-9 Piper knows that he became a star on the internet and even gave an interview. You can follow her activity on instagram or youtube .

Piper is not the only dog ​​with a job at an airport, but unfortunately the authorities don't keep track of them. In the US, Fort Myers Airport was the first to train a dog for special missions, starting with 1999.

According to our information, the "Henri Coandă" Otopeni International Airport has Border Collie dogs for such patrol missions. Maybe we'll meet them one day!

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