Kim Jong-un confirmed the project for Wonsan International Airport

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Kim Jong-un, North Korea's supreme leader, has approved the project to transform the military airport in Kangwon Province into a civilian airport. Wonsan International Airport will have two oval terminals of 36000 square meters each (one for domestic flights, the other for international flights). Each terminal will be able to accommodate up to 6 aircraft simultaneously and will house shops and restaurants. The new airport was designed by PLT Planning & Architecture in Hong Kong.

Currently, Wonsan Airport has two runways, one of concrete on the 16 / 34 direction and 2408 meters long, and the second is 2301 meters and the 02 / 20 direction. Following the modernization, the runways will be extended up to 3500 meters. The airport is designed to accommodate up to 1.2 million passengers annually and will cost approximately 200 million dollars.

Given that tourism activity is close to zero in North Korea, this project can be seen as a roadblock and we will likely see some relaxation in North Korean tourism.

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