KLM is adjusting its operational program in Europe, but expanding its intercontinental network

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The second wave of COVID-19 infections in Europe led to new restrictions, forcing KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to change its operational schedule.

KLM will continue to serve as many destinations as possible, but will reduce seat capacity and flight frequency, especially in Europe.

In the coming months, KLM will fly to about 90-95% of the European destinations it served before the crisis. However, due to new restrictions, several routes will be suspended, mainly to the UK. Transport capacity will be reduced from around 50% to 40% for European flights.

KLM expands the intercontinental network

In terms of intercontinental services, the number of passenger flights will be at 50-60% of capacity. If we add cargo services to these figures, the airline will operate at approximately 65% ​​of total capacity.

The COVID-19 pandemic confirms that a flexible network is very important. By opening new routes, airlines compensate for small requests from other routes. Thus, KLM strengthens its market position whenever it adds a new destination to the existing network.

Since the end of October, KLM has resumed several flights

  • From 24 October, KLM resumed weekly flights to Chengdu (Beijing)
  • From 25 October, the daily flight to the destination was resumed Poznan (Poland)
  • Starting October 29th, KLM resumed the circuit Amsterdam-Calgary-Edmonton-Amsterdam, with the resumption of the route to Edmonton (Canada)
  • From 8 NovemberKLM has 3 daily flights to the new Berlin Brandenburg airport (Germany)

From December, KLM will add 2 new destinations to its existing network

  • From December 10, KLM will operate 2 weekly flights to Zanzibar, with a technical stop at Tanzania's Dar es Salaam International Airport on its return to Amsterdam;
  • From January 4, 2021, there will be 4 races to Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).
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