KLM Contest: Win 2 plane tickets with the Dutch shoe

KLM Romania has a very nice campaign during the 27 April - 12 May. A Dutch shoe was displayed in the courtyard of ParkLake Shopping Center. Take a selfie with him, sign up for the contest and win 2 plane tickets to Amsterdam.

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KLM is one of the favorite airlines. He was an aviator for passion and aviation. I flew with them in 2011, and since then they have remained in my soul.

The Dutch shoe
Photo: Peter Ivu

KLM competition

Between April 27 and May 12, KLM Romania has a very nice campaign. A Dutch hoof was displayed in the courtyard of the ParkLake Shopping Center. Go take a selfie with this shoe, upload the photo on www.concursklm.ro, share on facebook and get in the race for 2 plane tickets to Amsterdam.

Simple, right?

You may be wondering what the deal is with this shoe. In the past, these shoes, which were made of wood, were used by Dutch peasants in field work. It is also called klomp. Currently, these shoes are used for decorations and souvenirs. Over 3 million pairs of Dutch shoes are manufactured annually, the majority being sold in the Netherlands.

We can say that these shoes are part of the Dutch culture, besides tulips, windmills and KLM.

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