KLM is expanding its intercontinental network this winter, adding six new destinations

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KLM will add new destinations to its intercontinental network starting with the winter program, from October 31, 2021. This is related to KLM's strategy to expand its network first, where recovery will be the fastest, offering customers extensive opportunities to choose. holiday destinations. New destinations include Mombasa, Orlando, Cancun, Bridgetown, Port of Spain and Phuket.

Mombasa will be served twice a week, with flights being operated by Boeing 787-9 aircraft. This type of aircraft will also be used to operate flights to Orlando, Florida, four times a week, and to the Mexican resort of Cancun, three times a week.

The Airbus A330 will fly to Bridgetown, Barbados, three times a week, and to the Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, three times a week. Four flights a week will be served to the Thai island of Phuket, which will be operated by Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

KLM is expanding its intercontinental network this winter, adding six new destinations.

flight numberFrom / toThe days when the flights will be performedtake-offLanding
KL0563Amsterdam - MombasaThursday and SundayPM10:10PM20:50
KL0563Mombasa - NairobiThursday and SundayPM21:40PM22:50
KL0563Nairobi - AmsterdamThursday and SundayPM23:5906: 25 + 1
Orlando - Miami
KL0625Amsterdam - OrlandoMonday and SaturdayPM11:15PM15:00
KL0625Orlando - MiamiMonday and SaturdayPM16:45PM17:50
KL0625Miami - AmsterdamMonday and SaturdayPM18:5009: 15 + 1
KL0629Amsterdam - MiamiThursday and FridayPM10:40PM14:40
KL0629Miami - OrlandoThursday and FridayPM16:30PM17:35
KL0629Orlando - AmsterdamThursday and FridayPM18:3508: 40 + 1
KL0689Amsterdam - CancunTuesday, Thursday and SaturdayPM10:40PM15:40
KL0690Cancun - AmsterdamTuesday, Thursday and SaturdayPM17:4008: 50 + 1
Bridgetown and Port of Spain
KL0781Amsterdam - BridgetownMonday, Thursday and SaturdayPM12:25PM16:45
KL0781Bridgetown - Port of SpainMonday, Thursday and SaturdayPM17:50PM19:00
KL0781Port of Spain - AmsterdamMonday, Thursday and SaturdayPM20:3510: 30 + 1
Phuket - Kuala Lumpur
KL0801Amsterdam - Kuala LumpurMonday, Wednesday, Friday and SaturdayPM20:5015: 45 + 1
KL0801Kuala Lumpur - PhuketTuesday, Thursday, Saturday and SundayPM17:05PM17:35
KL0802Phuket - Kuala LumpurTuesday, Thursday, Saturday and SundayPM20:00PM22:30
KL0802Kuala Lumpur -AmsterdamTuesday, Thursday, Saturday and SundayPM23:5005: 55 + 1

During the Covid-19 pandemic, KLM did its utmost to maintain its network of destinations, to continue to transport goods and to allow people to travel when needed, respecting the travel restrictions imposed globally.

Network planning needs to be flexible, enabling KLM to respond quickly to market opportunities. With this expansion, the network of destinations will reach almost the pre-Covid-19 level, using only fewer aircraft, and flight frequencies will be reduced. The aim is to provide KLM customers with the largest possible network.

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