KLM is preparing to celebrate 95 years of flights

KLM is preparing to celebrate 95 years of flights

On 7 October 1919, one of the first airlines in the world - Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (more recognized after KLM initials) (Royal Dutch Airlines) was born.

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The first flight was operated on 17 May 1920, on the London - Amsterdam route, and Jerry Shaw, the first KLM pilot, was on the run. The aircraft rented by Haviland DH-16 (G-EALU) carried 2 British journalists and a number of newspapers.

In 1920, KLM managed to carry 440 of passengers and 22 of tonnes of freight. Only from 1921, KLM began regular flights with its own aircraft: Fokker F.II and Fokker F.III.

95 years of flights


Currently, KLM has a fleet of 118 passenger and cargo aircraft and flies to 136 from destinations in 69 countries. KLM is the oldest airline in the world, flying under its original name. The next important threshold in the company's history will be in 2019, the year in which KLM will reach its centenary - 100 years ago.

I have fond memories of KLM. It was the first commercial airline I flew with. It's happening on 15 June 2011. I do not have many years of flights, I do not have many miles gathered, but the passion for airplanes has no limits. Happy birthday, KLM!

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