KLM introduces the tax on hold baggage on European flights

KLM will offer personalized services on European flights, from 22 to April 2013. Insert tax on hold luggage.

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KLM (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij), the former Dutch national airline, currently part of the Air France-KLM group, is preparing new surprises for its passengers. Since the advent of low-cost companies, the aviation industry has changed. With the advent of low costs, the behavior of passengers has changed. They have begun to pay more attention to details, travel and luggage.

Starting from the idea that more and more passengers are traveling without hold baggage, KLM is making a strategic move. It will lower prices on flights to 30 from destinations in Europe, but will introduce the fee for hold baggage. From 22 April 2013, if you want to fly with KLM economically, to destinations in Europe and want luggage hold, you will have to pay a tax 15 EUR per bag / flight, if you book online. If they get you on the wrong foot at the airport, you will have to pay 30 of EUR. The trick now follows. Members of the loyalty program Flying Blue I do not pay this fee (registration is free). This loyalty program belongs SkyTeam alliance and you can earn miles by flying with operators who joined this alliance, including TAROM. The baggage fee applies to tickets purchased from 22 April 2013, only on European flights, except for flights from Belarus, Georgia, Italy, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine (inform Caesar)! On transoceanic and transcontinental flights, luggage will be included in the ticket price.

But also from 22 April to 2013, KLM will reduce fares on flights to 11 destinations in Europe, with the number of destinations reaching 30. The new rates will start from 99 EUR. Currently, a Bucharest - Amsterdam - Bucharest flight starts at 159 EUR. I would be happy to see Bucharest on the list of 30 destinations with prices starting from 99 EUR. It remains to be seen how things will evolve.

This sounds like a semi-lowcost policy. At the same time, the number of Flying Blue members will surely increase. We all think we want to avoid paying taxes. It is not excluded that in the future we will see other taxes introduced. KLM will increasingly rely on price flexibility and customization according to the wishes of passengers. Some may want more legroom (Economy Comfort), may want access to the Business Lounge. KLM is the first full-service airline to make this move. It remains to be seen if the new marketing and sales strategies will bear fruit!

  1. Self says

    I have a misunderstanding. From April 22 KLM reduces ticket prices and it is possible that on the Bucharest-Amsterdam-Bucharest route we will have prices starting with 99 euros, as you said. I am particularly interested in this route and it seems strange to reduce prices so much considering that now a ticket is 215 euros. Probably 21 April will be 250 euros at least. A price reduction of 150 euros seems to me too nice to be true. Maybe it starts from this price, which will be valid for shorter distances, so if on April 21 we would have a value of 250 euros for an Amsterdam ticket, on 22 the ticket could be 200 euros.
    But the question is high. Given that the price of tickets is rising every day as I approach the departure date, should I take today's ticket, say, or should I wait for discounts starting with April 22? I can be surprised that the ticket price on 22 is higher than the price of today.

  2. Sorin Rusi says

    We have not confirmed that the Bucharest - Amsterdam route will have prices starting from 99 EUR. I said that I would like to see Bucharest on the list of 30 destinations, to which KLM will fly with prices from 99 EUR.

    However, low-priced tickets will be limited to aircraft and are likely to find higher prices on April than now.

    The idea is that the KLM operator slightly changes the pricing and services strategy, introducing the tax on the baggage of the baggage and the possibility for each passenger to configure their services ...

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