fbpx KLM Wannagives - gifts in flight

KLM Wannagives - gifts in flight

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KLM, one of the best airlines in Europe, has begun to develop ground and air services more and more. After launching 24 / 7 customer service and social media response time, now comes and completes the offer with the service "KLM Wannagives”- gifts on board the aircraft.

The new service is available on intercontinental and longer flights across Europe. Through the program KLM Wannagives, the air carrier will allow to surprise the loved ones from the planes of its planes with different gifts and benefits offered over 9000 meters.

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To benefit from this service, those interested should go to wannagives.klm.com and choose the surprise from a wide range: a glass of champagne, places with more space at your feet, a box of candy, cosmetics and more. The gift can be personalized with a special message. Surprises will be packaged and provided by cabin crew.

Moreover, through KLM Wannagives you can surprise your friends, family, loved ones with different gifts even if they are not in flight. KLM is also developing a home delivery system. Flying Blue members can use the mercy to buy gifts.

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