KLM is flying to pre-pandemic destinations in Asia and the Middle East

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As more and more countries reopen their borders, KLM anticipates an increase in customer demand for destinations in Asia and the Middle East. This summer, the KLM network will be virtually identical to the one it had in 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, fewer flights will be offered to destinations and / or flights to certain destinations that will be offered. in different combinations. KLM will also operate flights to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as a new destination this summer, while flights to Phuket, Thailand will be introduced this winter.

KLM flies to existing pre-pandemic destinations in Asia and the Middle East.

The destination network plays a central role in KLM's strategy. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, KLM has continued to operate the network to the greatest extent possible, to provide customers with the ability to travel and to ensure the continuity of freight transport. Not only has this strategy proved successful during the COVID crisis, but it is now making it even easier to expand operations.

The most significant changes compared to 2019.


There are 17 destinations planned for this summer, compared to 19 in 2019. Xiamen, China, is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, although KLM partner - Xiamen Airlines - is currently flying to this destination. The service to Denpasar, Indonesia, will be offered as soon as Bali reopens. Phuket will be added as a destination in the winter program 2021. Flights to the Thai island will be operated four times a week.

For now, flights to Hangzhou and Shanghai, China, will stop in Seoul, South Korea. Once the rules change, KLM will make additional adjustments to the operational program. KLM also flies to Chengdu once a week, and operates both commercial and cargo flights. Afterwards, the flight continues to Beijing, via a stopover in Seoul. From there, KLM will operate both commercial and cargo flights back to Amsterdam. Service to Bengalûru, India, has been suspended.

Specific travel restrictions and quarantine requirements remain in place in many Asian countries. As this changes, the operational program will be updated frequently throughout the winter season.

Middle East

In the summer of 2021, KLM will fly to seven destinations in the Middle East, as in 2019. KLM offers services to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as a new destination, with flights departing twice a week in the summer season. and three times a week in the winter season. Service to Abu Dhabi has been suspended, although KLM continues to offer this destination following a code-sharing agreement with Etihad Airways. Abu Dhabi is expected to be reintroduced into the operational program in the winter of 2021, increasing the number of destinations to eight.

KLM announced that will also operate flights to all American gateaways which he served even before the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the cargo capacity of aircraft and the number of flight frequencies are still far from 2019 levels.

Flexibility and a high standard of hygiene with KLM

KLM offers its customers maximum flexibility when booking, changing or canceling a trip. Moreover, this year KLM adopted the highest possible standard in hygiene measures - before, during and after the trip. In recognition, KLM recently received Diamond APEX status, placing KLM among the top airlines in the world in terms of hygiene and health safety. KLM naturally complies with all travel restrictions and measures issued by different governments.

Innovation and sustainability

With a history of 101 years, KLM is among the oldest airlines in the world that still operates under its original name. Being a pioneer in aviation since the early days of the industry, innovation is part of DNA and KLM continues to develop its strengths in the areas of customer experience, digitalisation, sustainability and technology.

In February, KLM became the first airline to ever operate a flight powered in part by sustainably produced synthetic kerosene. Through KLM's Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) program, companies with a corporate account can arrange for some air travel to be conducted using sustainable fuel.

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