Coronavirus: Korean Air holds 100 aircraft on the ground, including the Airbus A380 fleet

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The new Coronavirus continues to cause panic among people, and the authorities of many countries are overtaken by the large number of cases. After 2 months, during which time the main outbreak of Coronavirus was in China, here are many other outbreaks on different continents. Italy, Iran, South Korea in the top countries with most cases of Coronavirus.

Under current circumstances, airlines have had to cancel thousands of flights because people refuse to travel anymore. But there are also many situations in which countries have started to prohibit the access of tourists and foreign nationals from areas affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Airbus A380 Korean Air aircraft are detained on the ground

One of the most affected is South Korea, which has registered more than 7500 cases. At the same time, entering the red list, all passengers from this country are no longer allowed to enter countries such as Israel, Romania, France, Spain, etc.

The aeronautics industry and tourism are most affected by this global epidemic. South Korean airlines are on the verge of collapse. Korean Air has landed 100 aircraft, including the entire Airbus A380 fleet. To understand the sad situation, I would like to mention that the Korean air carrier started in 2020 with 146 aircraft.

Korean, one of Asia's largest airline operators, is the second Asian airline to give up Airbus A380 aircraft. And there is no deadline.

Korean Air continues to fly on long-haul routes (Los Angeles, New York and Paris), but uses smaller aircraft. It has reduced transport capacity by 80% and this is felt financially. Korean Air officials worry about the company's sustainability, all influenced by the epidemic with the new Coronavirus.

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