Korean Air will replace the Airbus A380 and Boeing B747 aircraft in the next 5 years

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Korean Air will replace the 10 Airbus A380-800 aircraft and the 10 Boeing B747-8I aircraft with smaller aircraft to increase efficiency. This announcement was made by the airline's CEO, Cho Won-Tae, in an interview for FlightGlobal.

The CEO confirmed his plan to give up the 10 Airbus A380-800 aircraft in the next five years and the 10 Boeing 747-8Is in the next 10 years. Asiana Airlines, which is in the process of merging with Korean Air, also owns 6 other Airbus A380 aircraft.

In 2019, Korean Air ordered 20 Boeing 787-10 aircraft and 10 Boeing B787-9 aircraft (in addition to the 10 B787-9s it already owned). These new aircraft will replace larger aircraft that are no longer effective in the midst of a pandemic crisis.

We remind you that Korean Air detained the entire Airbus A380 aircraft fleet starting with March 2020, with the beginning of the pandemic.

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