Boeing 737-800 Air Niugini aircraft landing shot from the cockpit (video)

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Boeing 737-800 Air Niugini airborne images were shot in the lagoon at the end of the runway of Chuuk International Airport. The video was shot in the cockpit of the plane. We remind you that, on 28 September 2018, Boeing 737-800 (P2-PXE) Air Niugini, on PX73 flight, landed in a bay near Chuuk International Airport.

According to the information in the final report of the investigators in Papua New Guinea (PNG AIC), at the base of the accident was human error / pilot error. There was no technical malfunction.

It is true that the weather conditions were not even among the best, but the accident could have been avoided if the pilots were alert to the alarms in the cockpit.

Shot from cockpit: Boeing 737-800 Air Niugini Aircraft Landing

The pilots made a descent too fast (+ 350 m / min) with an angle too large (4,5 °). The crew ignored audible and visual alarms. They were too concentrated to see the track, the visibility being much reduced due to the storm.

Following the accident, a passenger lost his life. On board were 35 passengers and 12 crew members.

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