LATAM Airlines Group joins the oneworld alliance

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On 7 March, at a meeting of the oneworld board of directors held in Hong Kong, LATAM joined the oneworld. The LATAM group consists of the airlines TAM (Brazil) and Lan Colombia (Colombia) plus the subsidiaries.

LAN Colombia will join, from Q4 2013, as an affiliate of LAN Airlines operator (oneworld partner of 2000). For the alliance, this means 18 new destinations in Colombia. The Colombian carrier flies to 23 from destinations in 3 countries and has a fleet of 20 aircraft.

LATAM has joined the oneworld

TAM Airlines is the largest air carrier in Brazil and South America. It operates to 60 from destinations in 16 countries in Latin America, the United States of America and Europe, with a fleet of 161 aircraft. TAM is currently part of the Star Alliance, but will be joining 2014 and joining the global oneworld alliance. Will bring an extra 35 of new destinations.

oneworld is enjoying significant growth by adding large airlines to the network. In March 2012, airberlin has fully acceded to the allianceand from 1 February 2013 also joined Malaysia Airlines. It follows SriLankan Airlines in November 2013, Qatar Airways at the beginning of 2014, US Airways will leave Star Alliance and enter the oneworld due to the merger with American Airlines, to which we also add the LATAM Airlines group.

  1. Master RA says

    Oneworld is starting to count. With Sri, but especially with Qataria and US Airways, they become strong.

    1. Sorin says

      Oneworld grows a lot! It will balance the situation on the US market, but also on the world market… I am curious when and if Emirates will join an alliance…

  2. Sorin says

    By the way, Virgin Atlantic will join SkyTeam… Another pretty strong alliance! Star Alliance loses some strategic players… US, TAM ..

  3. Master RA says

    Maybe Emirates, along with the Australian, will try to form an alliance. There is also free Abu Dhabi, I do not think it will go to Sky.

    1. Sorin says

      Virgin will join Sky… Delta bought 49% of Virgin… and Delta is the founder of SkyTeam!

  4. Master RA says

    Yes, something is happening in Star! They may be saturated with the LH group.

  5. Sorin says

    Related to Emirates and Qantas, the Australian is in oneworld, and I don't think Emirates will enter into an alliance with Qatar! It's unlikely. I suspect that Qatar hurried to enter the oneworld, following the Emirates alliance with Qantas…

  6. Master RA says

    I didn't say that Emirates would like to be oneworld, I think Qantas is retiring from Oneworld, and together they can found a new allegra. There are still free companies in South America, Asia, even Africa - with huge potential - we don't forget about Etihad (after all, Emirates and Etihad are the same country, even if different emirates). I think that could be a possibility too…

  7. Sorin says

    Yes, it could! But I don't think Qantas will give up the alliance, not too soon. It remains to be seen what will happen. However, there are many companies without an alliance!

  8. Master RA says

    Regarding what I said, I also think about the Russian, which has very big expansion plans, and no longer takes place on the German market, and the Austrian LH and OS, I also think that the Indian does not feel too good in Star , and as you said, there are others. Maybe even at Tarom… is a possibility and is still pursued.

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