LATAM makes the supply chain available to South American governments and will transport COVID-19 vaccine free of charge

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LATAM Airlines has announced that it will make its supply chain available to the governments of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru to transport COVID-19 vaccines free of charge.

The offer covers the internal operations that the company has in the respective countries. It should be mentioned that in November it performed over 17 thousand flights that connected 91 destinations.

A few days ago, the South American airline brought together a team of over 20 LATAM Cargo employees to plan and propose possible vaccine transport scenarios, given the pandemic situation in each country, the necessary airport infrastructure and logistics.

LATAM was the first company in America and currently the only one in South America to obtain certification CEIV Pharma from IATA, which guarantees the transport of pharmaceutical products, with temperature control, to the highest quality standards.

During the pandemic, LATAM actively maintained its program called "Avión Solidario", which allowed the free transport of over 900 health professionals, as well as more than 400 people in need of urgent medical care. At the same time, over 700 organs and tissues were transported during this period.

From China, LATAM transported more than 1.000 tons of medical equipment via 60 flights to South America.

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