Lilium, the first air taxi company, opens its hub in the USA (video)

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Lilium, a German flying taxi company, has announced that it will open its first hub in Orlando, Florida, and estimates that the first customers will be served starting in 2025.

The "Vertiport" will cost about $ 25 million and will be built near Lake Nona. It will be a complex of over 5000 square meters, and the development company will be Tavistock Development Company, originally from the Bahamas.

Lilium first hit the market in 2017 when it announced flight tests for the 2-seater prototype. Two years later, the company began testing the 5-seater prototype, the "Lilium Jet".

The "plane" will have a range of 300 kilometers and a maximum speed of 300 km / h.

The production cost is 10 times lower than that of a helicopter.

The project will only have private funding. This year, the company raised more than $ 375 million. One of the investors is Baillie Gifford, the Scottish management company, which is also the second Tesla shareholder, after Elon Musk.

The opening of the company will create over 100 new jobs and the hub will generate revenue pein a city of over $ 1.7 million in the first 10 years, according to estimates.

Orlando City Hall will also exempt the company from paying more than $ 800.000 in taxes for the first 9 years.

There are over 100 such projects on the market: Joby Aviation, Volocopter, Ehang, and Wisk Aero, created by Hyundai, Toyota, Airbus, Boeing and Bell (in partnership with Uber).

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