The list of exotic and holiday destinations to which you can travel with the obligation to comply with the conditions and restrictions imposed.

The list of exotic and holiday destinations to which you can travel with the obligation to comply with the conditions and restrictions imposed.

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The year 2020 is unpredictable from all points of view. The COVID-19 pandemic affects all countries and regions on the planet, but it is not the same everywhere. Each country imposes travel restrictions and takes drastic measures to prevent the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, but it is not the same for everyone.

It is very difficult to plan a vacation in advance because no one knows how the pandemic will evolve in the country of departure or in the country of destination and more drastic measures can be applied at any time.

List of exotic and holiday destinations

Weekly, Romania updates the yellow list of countries and regions with high epidemiological risk. But so do other states, and for you I have compiled the information and done it the list of European countries that impose travel restrictions on Romania. After overlapping the 2 lists, a 3rd one resulted and here we are talking about list of European countries where you can travel without restrictions to and from.

But maybe you plan to travel to more distant lands, to an exotic country or to a famous holiday resort. With the help of the MFA website, we have compiled for you the information on the rules and restrictions of travel to exotic and holiday destinations.

Please note that all of the above lists are subject to change on a daily basis. Countries may take action against Romania or Romania may restrict travel to those countries and regions. Everything is very dynamic and it is up to you to document yourself thoroughly before planning your next vacation.


Travel conditions in Egypt - As from 1 September, all air passengers entering the Arab Republic of Egypt, through any airport, must present a negative molecular test (PCR) for COVID-19 infection performed no later than 72 hours before travel.


As of June 6, 2020, Zanzibar has opened its borders to all travelers. A negative molecular test (PCR) is not required on arrival in Zanzibar for COVID-19 infection unless required by the country of departure or the airline. All travelers must have travel insurance valid for the entire period of their stay. All travelers will go through a temperature control at the point of entry into Zanzibar.

You should know that the mask is mandatory in public areas. Before traveling to Zanzibar, ask for more information from the travel agency or airline you are flying with. Or contact the Romanian authorities!


As of 15 July, all international airports in the Maldives have resumed regular passenger transport services.

Tourists traveling to the Maldives will receive an entry visa (visa on arrival) provided they present a confirmed reservation at a tourist resort registered with the local authorities.

As of September 10, 2020, all persons traveling to the Maldives must present a certificate confirming that the person has been tested negative for COVID-19. The test must be molecular type (RT-PCR), translated into English and performed no more than 72 hours before boarding.

Prior to entering the Maldives (maximum 24 hours) all travelers must complete an online health statement.

All passengers arriving in the Maldives will undergo a medical check-up to identify COVID-19-specific symptoms at the arrivals terminal. Tourists are encouraged to install the "TraceEkee" contact tracking application. Tourists who show symptoms when entering the Maldives will be tested and placed in institutionalized quarantine, and the people they came in contact with will be tracked.


Airports in the United Arab Emirates are open for commercial repatriation flights, including to Henri Coanda International Airport. In the Emirate of Dubai, on July 7, 2020, return flights were opened, including for tourists.

Flights will only be operated if a minimum number of passengers is registered, otherwise the airlines will cancel or reschedule the flights with prior notice.

The entry of foreign citizens for tourist purposes is allowed only in the Emirate of Dubai.

From 1 August 2020, it is mandatory to perform a molecular test for COVID-19 infection (PCR type) no later than 96 hours before arrival in the United Arab Emirates, including by persons transiting that state. The test result must be presented in hard copy in English. State medical authorities may request a re-examination of passengers if they deem it necessary.


About these would be the exotic and more distant destinations we can travel to, obviously by respecting the rules imposed by the local authorities. At the moment, the countries and regions mentioned above are not on Romania's yellow list.

* The AirlinesTravel website is not responsible for any operational changes, flights, airline tickets or vacations.

** Before traveling to one of the countries or regions mentioned, you are required to thoroughly document your travel conditions. Contact the Romanian authorities or from the destination country for more information.

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