"Blacklist" of airports with a high risk of transmitting the new coronavirus - COVID-19

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On 22 May, EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) published the "black list" of airports with a high risk of transmitting the new coronavirus - COVID-19. The European Aviation Safety Agency is responsible for civil aviation safety in the European Union. Regulates flights, certifies aircraft, issues warnings and recommendations on civil aviation safety.

In this case, EASA has established the list of airports and regions at risk of spreading the new coronavirus. It has been developed with EASA Member States and is based on information from the World Health Organization, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and other reputable public health institutes.

It should be mentioned that here we are talking about airports in different regions, not countries. And EASA issues warnings and recommendations, not obligations. Each country aims to establish its strategy to combat the pandemic with the new coronavirus.

"Blacklist" of airports and regions


We remind you that Romania has suspended flights to the following countries: ❌Italia; ❌Spania; ❌Germania; ❌Franţa; ❌Austria; ❌Belgia; ❌Elveţia; ❌SUA; ❌United Kingdom; ❌Olanda; ❌Turcia; ❌Iran.

The suspension of the flights entered into force on May 15, at 00:00, Romanian time, for 14 days. Following these days, new measures will be taken for the period after May 28-29, when in theory the period of flight suspension should expire.

It is possible that the Romanian authorities will take into account this list issued by EASA.

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