Seaside Romania: the main resorts on the Romanian coast

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The Romanian coast is one of the most spectacular regions in Romania. With a length of 245 km, the Romanian coast stretches from the border with Ukraine - in the north, to the border with Bulgaria - in the south. Also on this portion are most resorts. The Romanian coast has 15 resorts, most of them being in Constanța County.

Romanian seaside resorts

Some are larger, more developed and attract tens of thousands of tourists, but others are smaller, being visited by a small number of people. In this article we talk about the main ones resorts on the Romanian coast, in our opinion.

Mamaia Resort

Mamaia Resort - Romania Coast

The largest and most famous resort on the Romanian coast is Mamaia. Does anyone have the courage to dispute this? Being mostly in the spotlight, overwhelmed by so much attention, Mamaia divided Romanians into 2 camps: those who love to go to this resort for all kinds of recreational activities and those who deny the existence of this resort full of "fitze" .

Mamaia resort is located on a tongue of land that separates Lake Siutghiol from the Black Sea. It is positioned between Năvodari and Constanța, reaching to be recognized among those who choose to spend time in the fitness clubs on the beach. But Mamaia is not just about fitness and clubs. This resort has dozens of hotels, most facing the Black Sea, ranging from a five-star resort. There are hotels including for families, for those traveling with small children, but obviously the focus is on the young and in love with fun.

Mamaia continued to develop and modernize, now having a western air. In Mamaia we can see palm trees, we can have fun at all kinds of social events and shows, the meal can be eaten in dozens of restaurants, cafes, terraces and luxury clubs. There is no shortage of gardens and promenade areas. There is a water park, a gondola and many leisure centers.

The resort has one of the largest beaches in Europe, with a length of almost 10 kilometers and a width of up to 250 meters in some areas. The beach is covered with fine sand, without stones.

Vama Veche Resort

Customs officers claim that the atmosphere has deteriorated and that the "spirit" of the old Vama resort is no longer the same. We always hear "Old Customs is no longer what it used to be" and maybe it's better that way. In the past, Vama Veche was that "wild" resort where tourists sang and had fun on the beach, around the campfires, they sat in tents, and in the morning they admired the sunrise from the beach. They were rock and folk music festivals.

But the current Vama Veche is not like that anymore. It has become a modern resort with many new accommodation units, bars and restaurants on the beach, clubs and even areas with canopies on the beach. It is true that the resort was and still is one of the most nonconformist holiday destinations.

The beach is wide, having at some points even 200 meters. It is populated day and night by young people who organize campfires even today. Due to the congestion, sometimes the beach is full of garbage, but it remains one of the most intimate and wild beaches on the Romanian coast. Almost all those who fled Mamaia migrated to Vama veche.

Costinesti resort

Costinesti Resort - Romania Seaside

The resort is located in the village of Costinesti, 30 km from Constanta, between Tuzla and Olimp. Since ancient times, Costinesti has been considered the resort of youth, where the atmosphere is cheerful and lively.

On the beach we also find the two symbols of the resort - the Obelisk and the wreck of the Gospel ship. Costinesti has expanded in recent years, becoming a bit more modern, but has managed to maintain the same unique atmosphere.

The beach is 1 kilometer long, but the width differs depending on the chosen area. On the beach there are numerous beach bars, places for water sports, but also sun loungers with umbrellas. Here you will meet many young tourists, who did not find themselves in the opulence of Mamaia resort nor in the nonconformist of Vama Veche resort.

Eforie Nord resort

Eforie Nord resort is the second largest on the Romanian coast, located 12 kilometers from Constanța. It is an internationally renowned spa. Recreational tourism along with treatment allows the resort to be open to tourists throughout the year.

The treatment bases attract tens of thousands of tuysts of all ages, offering them modern treatments. The resort is constantly expanding and changing every year. In addition to the already known hotels, but also the famous terraces, every year new villas or pensions, terraces or modern restaurants appear, to satisfy all the needs of the tourists.

Eforie Nord has a cliff almost 30 meters high, a perfect place for a walk. The beach is 4 kilometers long and can be up to 100 meters wide, depending on the area chosen.

Eforie Sud resort

Eforie Sud Resort - Romania Coast

Eforie Sud resort is relatively small, located in the southern part of the coast, 18 km from Constanța, between Eforie Nord and Tuzla. It is a quiet resort with green spaces, perfect for a holiday for families with small children.

The beach in the resort is not generous. It is 2 kilometers long, but narrow on the waves. In recent years, modernization and widening of the beaches have been done.

Neptun - Olimp resort

The two resorts are located 38 km from Constanța and 8 km from Mangalia, to which they belong administratively. The two resorts are next to each other, so they are considered a single resort.

The beaches of the two resorts do not communicate with each other due to the presence of the pontoon (which belongs to the State Protocol). The beach in Neptun has a width of up to 100 meters and is bordered by reed fences. The most famous is the beach "La Steaguri", one of the most beautiful beaches of the coast. Olimp beach is narrow, but very well laid out.

Venus Resort

Venus Resort - Romanian Coast

The resort is located in the southern part of the coast, 3 km from Mangalia and 42 km from Constanța. Venus is the perfect resort where you can relax. Due to the sources of sulfurous mineral water in the area, Venus has developed in recent years as a spa where many ailments can be treated.

With a length of 1.5 km, the beach of Venus is furrowed by bays. Three such bays divide the resort beach into narrow sectors. The beach is up to 200 meters wide, but the area is very crowded in season.

Jupiter Resort

Jupiter Resort is small in size, located 40 km from Constanța and 5 km from Mangalia. The rich vegetation beautifies the resort and provides shade and coolness during the summer. The resort is crossed by alleys, perfect for walking. Many restaurants, shops and terraces are located near Lake Tismana.

The resort has a small and narrow beach compared to other resorts and stretches over a length of 1 km, furrowed by bays bounded by dams.

Saturn Resort

Saturn Resort - Romania Coast

Saturn Resort is close to Mangalia and 43 km from Constanța. This has some advantages for tourists. The rich vegetation, the tranquility, but also the sulfurous hypothermal springs and the mud with therapeutic value (used in the treatment of gynecological diseases and of the locomotor system) would be among the characteristics that make Saturn in great demand. There are many green spaces that provide fresh air and coolness during hot summers.

To the south, the beach has bays that narrow the sandy area. To the north, the beach widens and can reach up to 150 meters, and the bays disappear. This is the area where the famous sulfur mesothermal springs are located, taken in the form of showers.

For the most part, these are the main resorts on the Romanian coast. In addition to those listed above, there are also May 2, Corbu, Năvodari. In theory, each targets certain categories of tourists. There are resorts for young people and lovers, for those with a helping hand, for family members, but also for non-conformists. Romania has almost all the advantages to attract as many tourists as possible.

Tourists have at their disposal over 250.000 accommodation places in hotels, villas and agritourism pensions, for all tastes and all pockets.

Have you been on the Romanian coast? Which resort do you prefer?

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