Livery special TAROM to promote Romania

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While preparing the 2013 retrospective and seeing different very beautiful campaigns developed by different airlines around the world, I came up with an idea that would involve TAROM. The national carrier of Romania could help promote different destinations in this country by painting the aircraft in a special livery.

Livery special TAROM to promote Romania

The livery or color scheme represents the visual identity applied to airplanes. Each airline sets its defining elements and paints the aircraft (fuselage, wings, hinges / tail of aircraft, engines, etc.) in the desired colors. Usually, one airline uses the same color scheme for the entire fleet, but special situations arise when the planes are painted in different special livery. Usually, every airline uses a unique livery in the world.

The livery can include the following: Cheatline (when different lines are drawn horizontally on the aircraft, usually in the window area); Billboard (when the sides of the fuselage can be used to display the company name); Jelly Bean / Jelly Tail (when certain parts or elements of the fuselage are painted differently from case to case and here we have as examples: JetBlue, Frontier Airlines, Norwegian etc).

Qatar Airways_oneworld_livery_777

Special livery can be used for important anniversaries (eg: livery 60 years TAROM), to mark certain stages in the airline's "life" (eg retro livery), special color schemes and logos are used to mark different partnerships (eg: Air New Zealand plane painted in livery "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"; Hello Kitty aircraft from EVA Air; "Magic Plane" livery on a Boeing 737-800 WestJet) etc. There are also cases when airlines, which are part of different alliances, paint 1-2 planes in the alliance livery (eg: Qatar Airways unveiled the first aircraft in the OneWorld livery fleet).

Livery Skyteam on TAROM plane
Livery Skyteam on TAROM plane

As well, airlines can promote different destinations, cities, etc. An example is the company Wind Rose Airlines, which has painted on various aircraft various tourist targets to promote destinations in Ukraine (thank you Caesar).


And here my idea comes into play. What would it be like for TAROM to paint the aircraft in special livery to promote destinations and tourist destinations in Romania? In order not to diminish the brand identity, I thought that the billboard area may remain unchanged (TAROM written high on the aircraft fuselage), but different Jelly Bean / Jelly Tail elements may apply. The tail of the 24 aircraft could be painted with different tourist objectives specific to Romania. Special web pages can be created on the TAROM website for each promoted tourist objective, and these can be accessed with the help of QR Codes applied on airplanes. No one can write down a web address, but we all have smartphones and can quickly access these pages by reading the QR code.

The costs would not be very high, but the impact of the campaign could be quite large. The planes would look different, and Romania would gain visibility. TAROM airplanes fly to many destinations in Europe and could attract the eyes of people from different areas. Spotlights would have an additional reason to shoot TAROM planes and the company would gain image.

This campaign could be carried out with the Ministry of Tourism. Instead of throwing money at different useless campaigns, MT could invest in a Romanian company that proudly bears the name of some tourist destinations in Romania.

What can we promote? That's what I leave you to say. We have many beautiful destinations, we have many tourist attractions that are worth visiting, we have many elements that can represent Romania.

Do you like my idea? If you want, you can complete the idea, you can make arguments for and against, you can propose other implementation ideas!

  1. Ciprian says

    Sounds very good! So not on the planes in the current fleet but on the new ones that will arrive in the near future! It would be a great shot for tarom!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      It would not be a blow but a plus: D. The image shot is negative sens

  2. Claudiu says

    If I'm not mistaken, TAROM at one point had a B733 with Brancusi on the side and the Infinite Column on the tail.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Yes, that's how I heard it. I'm trying to find him: D. Maybe someone found a photo :). I am convinced that my idea is not revolutionary, but let's buzz on it :)

      1. Claudiu says
        1. Sorin Rusi says


  3. pati says

    I allowed and posted your article on my site, of course with a link to you. Merit! The idea is very cool and I subscribe! If it goes further, please keep me updated!

  4. bahluviensis says

    Yes .... but it goes what was on YR-BGD, I really liked it! Subscribe!

  5. A super idea!

    [...] a politician would find out about this initiative and he would definitely get all the merits! I found a great idea here. In general, airplanes attract glances ... such as on planes belonging to [...]

  6. Good promotion idea. In the present case “Romania”. | This ILEA

    […] Romania to promote I am passionate about airplanes. I noticed that all travelers to airports are looking for the perfect place to wait, from where the planes can be seen. A blog with and about airplanes wants to develop a campaign that slightly changes the image of Tarom planes. It would be good for the Ministry of Transport to get involved and at least the logo of the country is on all Tarom airplanes. good than other companies. A personal suggestion: I can do a little marketing on airplanes as in the pictures below to make some money. Not the other one, but the president's plane should be changed. [...]

  7. Claudiu says

    On the same topic, I would also like to see some custom boarding pass paper. For now, BP from TAROM is among the most boring I have ever seen: monochrome, little information (especially domestic flights), if the paper has some logo / text already printed appear overwriting, etc. I would prefer to see some emblematic places for Romanian cities on these small pieces of paper: palaces, castles, delta, mountains.

  8. Nivky says

    You know that in Romania there is no Ministry of Tourism

  9. Sorin Rusi says

    Yeah, great nonsense. Western countries have ministry and tourism offices at regional level. ...

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