Lockdown in England: StayHome returns. Travel for tourism is not allowed.

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On Saturday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a set of measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 in the UK. Restrictions will apply throughout England from 5 November to 2 December 2020.

Basically, the StayHome rule is reinstated. This reduces the time spent outside households and suspends a series of activities, the Romanian Embassy in Great Britain announces.

It is recommended to avoid unnecessary travel (by private or public transport).

🚫 Travel will no longer be allowed except with a few exceptions such as those for the purpose:
✅purchasing products of strict necessity;
✅child care or education;
Iriiperforming work tasks (in situations where the activity cannot be carried out from home);
✅medical treatments, appointments or emergencies;
✅physical exercises (with family members or with a maximum of one person from another family);
✅visiting family members from the category of vulnerable people.

🚫Meetings between people from different families will be prohibited both indoors and in public spaces, with a few exceptions; the rule of social distance of 2 meters will be maintained; it will be allowed to visit public places such as parks, beaches, public gardens, playgrounds, etc.

🚫Non-essential stores and businesses that are not strictly necessary will be closed. This will include restaurants and bars, museums and performance halls (cinemas, theaters, concert halls), hairdressers, beauty salons, tanning, massage and tattooing.

🚫Leisure / leisure centers will also be closed (zoos, botanical gardens, casinos, climbing halls, fittnes halls, bowling, swimming pools, golf courses (riding centers), car washes, tailors, travel agencies, bookmakers.

Remain open:
supermarkets and stores that supply goods of strict necessity, but under the operating conditions provided by the anti-Covid-19 rules;
hotels, but only for persons traveling for work;
schools, universities, playgrounds;
a number of public services such as medical, for the provision of jobs, courts, population records.

Specific events such as funerals will be allowed, but only with the participation of a maximum of 30 people. Marriage ceremonies or civil partnerships will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances.

At this time, flights are not restricted. But once you get to the UK, you have to follow all the rules. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland still require a 14-day quarantine for all travelers. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It doesn't matter what means of transport you use.

However, due to these restrictions, the number of passengers may decrease significantly and airlines will have to adjust their operational schedule. British Airways and TAROM have suspended flights between Bucharest and London, during November. Low-cost companies have also made adjustments to the operational program. If you plan to travel to / from the UK, contact your airline to check the status of your flights.

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