With longing for Vidraru

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These days, starting from a discussion about childhood and the first trips I made, I remembered about the first camp with the class, this being at Vidraru. As a child, I did not wander the forests of the country very much, but I enjoyed some trips to zoos, national parks, trips to monasteries and dams.

Standing now and reflecting on those times, it seems that the passion for travel has emerged in childhood. When we went on a trip or camp, I felt a freedom in my soul. I settled on the coach seat and stuck my nose to the window. I liked to admire everything that moved, coming out of the small town and I went to discover new places.

The same feeling of freedom I experience today even when I go on trips, even though I have accumulated thousands of miles flown and arrived through several countries in Europe. With every trip I make, I discover more and more.

Regarding my first camp in Vidraru, I admit that I do not have so many memories. I just know that I was dumbfounded when I saw the dam and the great lake of accumulation. A sense of astonishment, fear and curiosity was trying on me. The rest mattered less. I was free, away from my parents, in front of an impressive engineering work.

And since the years have passed, I have traveled more and more through Romania and Europe. I hope that in the near future I will change the continent. But unfortunately, Vidraru was no longer on my list. I think it is the case to prioritize a visit to Vidraru, in memory of the childhood times.

The area has developed, there are new hotels, guesthouses, but the same impressive Vidraru on the Argeş river and with the beautiful landscapes that surround it. I miss Vidraru and I need new memories and experiences in this special place, which may have been the basis of what passion for travel means.

On your way to Lake Vidraru, you can visit different tourist sights: Golești Mansion - Golești Museum, Liviu Rebreanu Memorial House from ftefănești, Poienari Fortress (at the exit of Arefu commune), Statue of Prometheus and the list is much larger. Romania is a unique country, it is beautiful and rich in breathtaking landscapes.

Do you still remember your first childhood trip? What was the first destination you visited, which do you remember?

(Photo: romania-redescoperita.ro)

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