fbpx Turkey coup: Istanbul Atatürk Airport closed

Turkey coup: Istanbul Atatürk Airport closed

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It is not a day without an attack, an accident, an explosion, and today came the turn of a coup. According to international publications, Turkey is rocked by a coup. An army group wants to oust President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


The army claims to have taken control of Istanbul Atatürk Airport, hampering activity. Several flights were canceled or there were very late delays. Several flights to Istanbul were canceled.

Flight KL1617 (Amsterdam - Istanbul) landed in Vienna

MAE: Travel alert - Turkey
Regarding the events in progress in Turkey, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends to tourists and other Romanian citizens in the territory of this state not to leave accommodation places, to avoid any trips that are not strictly necessary, especially in crowded places, and to be informed. constantly on the evolution of the internal situation.

Also, given that, according to the information available, international airports and other communication channels in Turkey are currently blocked, Romanian citizens who intend to travel to any destinations in Turkey in the coming days are advised to reschedule their travels.

Romanian citizens can call the Romanian Embassy in Ankara and the Romanian Consulates General in Istanbul and Izmir by means of the Contact and Support Center for Romanian Citizens from Abroad, which operates permanently, at + 90.312.44.77.920 numbers; + NEXT 90 212; + NEXT 3583541 90; + 212 3580516 90, + 212 3583537 90.

You can follow the activity of Istanbul Atatürk Airport through flightradar24.com!

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